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deal with the sequesters we would not let this get away from us. we shouldn't this time. for mr. obama to suggest i've cut a trillion in spending because he saved money on the wars in afghanistan is gimmicks. they a work. >> i have to be honest, it's both sides. it strikes me these lawmakers on either side don't have a real fix to what we're looking at, the national debt, screaming out of control. we're going to exceed that limit on monday night. >> i wouldn't disagree but look at the facts. we did have a republican controlled congress that passed a bill. if reid didn't like the bill, let it go for debate. let his senate vote it down and say no, we're not going to accept these conditions. >> let me ask you this, then. interesting question. president obama gets his own deal, sends it over to the republicans, they have the same dilemma. >> well, they may. but i think you would at least see a fair dee beat. look, i think the average american realizes we have to cut spending. you know the numbers. >> craig, i have to ask you -- i have to stop you. i don't think they do. we ran a package ye
themselves on the bang. not yet. thank you for joining us, scott. what we need to tell the audience what is behind you, sir? >>guest: this is my house. this is where me and my wife and dog sleep each night. we don't have no heat. no hot water. no electric. we are using generators that my neighbor has loaned us and we are using portable heaters on the second floor to keep warm at night. >>eric: we hear the lawmakers patting each other on the back and patting fema on the back, how does that make you feel? >>guest: aggravated. stressed out. more depressed that they are doing a phoney patting and the victims are suffering on staten island and elsewhere. do a walk through. see the people. come talk to them. it is nut just me. it is not just my family but my neighbors, my friends and other victims of hurricane sandy. staten island is the forgotten borough. no one is helping us. >>eric: how do you shower? are you warm enough to sleep in that house? thankfully it has been warm the last couple of days but what happens when the temperature drops? >>guest: i don't know. me and my wife are feeling s
the very least republicans can expect and should expect of democrats is, give us your pound of flesh. the ratio was thought to be when this was done a year ago, we would see $3 in cut for $1 in tax hikes but now it is the opposite. it has been inverted. things could change, but i am told behind closed doors it is not happening. what do you make of that? >>guest: i have said this before about a sense of history and why so many conservatives see the 3-1, or whatever the ratio is, to be phony, that is how they played out in past history. under the reagan administration when he was dealing with thomas "tip" o'neill and under the george bush administration when, as i said, i was in school clothes necessity made the deals and the republicans fell for it and the spending cuts never came. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, in what administration were you still in school clothes >>guest: you can look it up on the intent. >>neil: when the republicans cave you promise the spending cuts if i didn't give you tax hikes and they never get to the spending cuts. >>guest: right and when we pay the price,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3